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Joey - Neutron Laue Camera

Joey is a Laue-diffraction neutron alignment camera. Its purpose is to aid scientists in the characterisation and alignment of single crystals prior to an experiment on one of the high-flux instruments, such as the 3-axis instruments Taipan and Sika, the single-crystal diffraction instrument Koala, and the diffractometers Wombat and Echidna.

The ability to align single crystals quickly, and to test for sample quality prior to a scheduled experiment, helps scientists optimise their beamtime and improve the quality of their results.

Layout of Joey Laue camera

Joey utilises a flat neutron scintillator in conjunction with wide-area CCD cameras to detect backscattered neutrons. A white beam of neutrons passes through the centre of the detector, which scatters off the single-crystal sample and is detected by the scintillator screen.

A Laue diffraction pattern is measured after only a few seconds of exposure. The sample sits on a goniometer stage which enables fast crystal rotation and alignment. JOEY is designed in such a way that sample environments like standard cryostats or furnaces can be used on the instrument.