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Jack the Super Prawn

Jack the Super Prawn

Jack the Super Prawn lives in the Great Barrier Reef and uses his superpowers to protect the environment. With JackVac around his arms and JackPac on his back, he cleans up plastic pollution and impurities in the water. With JackCopter, he soars through the water and high into the air. Jack’s main job is to educate young readers on the impact of plastic and other types of pollution and to empower them to find a solution.

Created by Antoine Jaja, Jack’s first two adventure books entitled, “Drastic Plastic” and “Pollution Solution,” are now available in paperback in bookstores throughout Australia, as well as the ANSTO Shop.  ANSTO has endorsed and was pleased to provide scientific input into the development of stories that are helping to raise awareness of the impact of pollution on our waterways and the marine environment.

ANSTO has a range of experts in environmental science, including Dr Tom Cresswell, who is undertaking research in this area and was able to provide scientific context and background to support the development of these adventure stories.

Antoine has developed a free “Jack the Super Prawn” video game on App Store and Google play, and a Teacher’s Guide Activities for children.

Books will be available to purchase soon on the ANSTO Shop.