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Food production

Food processing is any method used to turn fresh foods into food products. It includes traditional approaches (heat treatment, fermentation, pickling, smoking, drying, curing) and modern methods (pasteurisation, ultra-heat treatment, high-pressure processing, or modified atmosphere packaging). It can also include the addition of ingredients to food, such as to extend shelf life. Food product development involves determining the physical, chemical,  microbiological, sensory and nutritional properties of food.

Understanding how food ingredients behave as a result of processing (for example, heating, extruding, shearing, etc) provides both knowledge and predictability. Whether it is the cooking of starch, the production of vegetarian meat products, the influence of moisture on the handling of ingredients, or how to enhance shelf life, food materials science can provide insight.

Publications - Food processing and product development

Neutron Scattering

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Animal proteins

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Plant Proteins

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Vegetarian meat

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Shelf life

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Dairy Gels

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