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Planetary Materials

Planetary science is an emerging research theme in Australia, and research at ANSTO is embedded in the heart of this. There is much that the neutron beam, synchrotron and materials facilities can offer this subject area – and this theme has been developed to support and encourage this.

Rapid Research - Out of this world science

Our current active research areas are:

  • New materials for icy moons of the solar system.

  • Investigating Jarosite minerals on the surface of Mars

  • Combining spectral and physical properties of planetary materials 

  • Delving into the depths of planets with high-pressure experiments.


Our aims are to:

  • To support planetary exploration through the provision of fundamental physical properties of planetary materials

  • In undertaking these investigations we aim to increase the capacity of the neutron beam and synchrotron instruments and diversify the base of researchers using them

  • To innovate the approach to mineral science in Australia through the combination and complimentary use of novel analysis methods and to train others in this approach

  • To seek opportunities to transfer new materials information to other sciences and industry

  • To communicate the results of these investigations to a wide base of stakeholders – beyond the traditional academic ones hence increasing the impact and visibility of this and all research undertaken at ANSTO